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ZAMBIA - The Rusangu School and Outreach Programme

Through braille correspondence with some Zambian sRusangu students with Blindaid Equipmenttudents, contact was established with the Rusangu Secondary School. Seven students were each provided with audio equipment and a typewriter. The Headmistress sent English language text books by African authors which were recorded for them and are used by other schools as well. The blind students were also provided with an electronic keyboard and a wide range of required English literature tapes.


Brighton Makala, A twelve year old Brighton receiving parcelblind boy at this school, was knocked down by a tractor in the school grounds and sustained severe leg injuries. Because he needed to be hospitalised for a long time, Brighton was sent a large parcel, by Blindaid Africa. It contained a walkman and a supply of batteries, educational, leisure reading and music tapes, and toiletries. Brighton recovered and is now in the sixth form of another school His mother is a widow with two other younger blind sons.

Children in the Outreach Programme

For some time Blindaid Africa supported the special needs teacher of the Rusangu High School in Monze, in his efforts to contact blind children in the surrounding area. He was provided with a new bicycle, a walkie-talkie and a great deal of practical equipment which he needed, tactile games, writing material and soft toys.

The prime aim of this Outreach Programme was to assist visually impaired persons to acquire te special skills necessary for everyday living, mobility and Hakasenke Mwiingaorientation techniques. Many children were helped through this programme and reluctant parents were persuaded that their children would benefit from being sent away to be educated.


Blindaid Africa has continued to support Rusangu students as they have proceeded to vocational training courses. Hakasenke Mwiinga (photo right) is now a qualified primary school teacher. Lovemore Sibelele is a telephonist and supports another untrained blind student.