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The Republic of Cameroon - Kumbo High School and Banso Hospital

Early in 1997, when working to support blind students in the Kumbo High School, Blindaid Africa was approached by Mr. Webnoh John Kanjo, the Education Officer of the Banso Baptist Hospital. He had heard reports of how the school had been helped and asked similar aid for his young patients. He was responsible for the education of H. I. V. orphans and other children suBanso Baptist Hospital, Kumboffering from diabetes. Many of these youngsters were blind and unlikely to leave hospital. This offered a challenge. Small packets of Lego, blank cassettes, a cassette-recorder and microphone, squeaking toys and a keyboard were packed into twenty parcels and received with great delight.

In October1997 178 pairs of used spectacles were donated to Blindaid Africa by a local optician. Two other firms supplied packing material. An eleven year old neighbour helped to make individual wallets and all of the spectacles were sent to Kumbo.

There one twelve year old girl was given a pair which enabled her to see again. Glory Doh wrote a letter of thanks in Braille, because she had never been able to see well enough to learn to write in print. The following is a transcription of her happy words.

School for the Blind,
Dear Sirs,
Good morning! Thank you very much for my eyeglasses. Now I can see!
In fact, please sirs, I am very grateful for the love and concern that you have for me. Please sirs, I once again say to you, Thank you very very much. May God bless you all.
I am Glory Doh