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"Providing tools for living and learning for blind young people in Africa"


Ways of Supporting Blindaid Africa


All donations will be gratefully received, however small. Blindaid Africa is a low budget charity with virtually zero overhead raising funds and providing materials for Africa with no paid staff. If you wish to help in funding either a single amount or a regular contribution please see our donation form. This also allows us to collect an extra 28 pence for every pound as "Gift Aid" if you are a UK taxpayer.

Mobility Equipment for the Blind

We can always find a use for folding white canes, talking watches and calculators, or other items specific to blind persons.

Recorded Books

All audio books assist students in improving their English language skills. Classic novels or plays and better modern fiction are always in demand as are Bible recordings or extracts. Any recordings on commercial studies, history, geography or science would be particularly welcome.


Manual portable typewriters are the best means for blind Africans to communicate with the sighted world, and typing is an essential requisite for almost all jobs once they leave school. If you wish to donate one please see our typewriter donation instructions in a pdf file.

Braille Books

These are very much in demand as they are virtually unobtainable in Africa and most blind young Africans have very little opportunity to actually read anything interesting in Braille format. Books on any subject are welcome.

Braille Teaching Aids

Braille Teaching Aids any item which assists in teaching Braille.

In particular there is a toy, the 'Vtech little Smart Alphabet Phonics Teacher' which was a popular toy in the UK some years ago is being increasingly used to teach Braille as it connects a raised print image of each letter of the alphabet to that letter's sound and its Braille dot symbol, plus a word which starts with that letter. This device is revolutionising early teaching of Braille in Africa but is no longer in production and our only souce is eBay or donations - WE NEED MORE.

Free postage to Blindaid

Any equipment donated to Blindaid (up to a maximum of 7 kilograms per parcel) can be sent to us free of postal charges under the Royal Mail's implementation of the Universal Postal Union's agreement on free post for the blind. Note that all items must be sent via us and not direct to Africa. We check and recondition all items and decide on the most suitable of our contacts in Africa for that each. If you wish to use this free postage service please print our labels (two labels on one A4 sheet in pdf format) and remember to put your details on the "From" line. For a printable lable for zero cost postage click here